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Our Services Custom Manufacturing
Graham Chemical offers a complete range of services from product development to commercial-scale production. Our manufacturing network includes an extensive portfolio of technologies and top-of-the-line reactors, evaporators, spray dryers, and particle processing equipment. We are available to produce your new complex molecules with our multi-step synthesis. Our sales and technical professionals work side by side with you to understand your process and develop the chemical that meets your specifications and standards.

Worldwide Supplier Network
Since the production of chemicals touches so many aspects of our lives, it's no wonder that our source materials come from a wide array of countries. Graham Chemical has developed a network of suppliers from around the globe. Each supplier has been chosen for its ability to offer high-quality chemicals at competitive prices without sacrificing turnaround time or technical support. Our global resources include both domestic and international relationships. We will search around the globe for your hard-to-find chemicals.

Personal Services
Graham Chemical's approach is direct and personal and our turnaround time excellent. We meet with you to discuss your chemical specifications, make formula recommendations where needed, and then get to work. Our computer system can monitor the logistics of your shipments, such as where the delivery truck is coming from, when it is scheduled to arrive, and if there are any delays. We can also track each customer's requirements, such as order specifications, delivery hours, and equipment and packaging considerations.


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